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Summer holiday skincare essentials


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Summer holiday skincare essentials

With the arrival of the lovely warm sun comes a few extra skincare challenges. From sunburn and dryness to itchiness and irritation, we’ve got a few summer skincare tips up our sleeves to help you look after your skin in summer, develop a skincare routine for summer to keep these concerns at bay and leave your skin in tip top shape.

How to look after your skin in summer

1. Soothe sunburnt skin

While we try our best to level up our daily SPF on holiday, we’ve all experienced the pain of sunburn after a little too much time on the sun lounger.

To soothe those cheeks, we recommend popping a bottle of Lavender & Aloe Vera Cooling Cream in your beach bag. Aloe vera helps to soothe your skin, so you’ll be looking and feeling better faster than you can say “pass the piña coladas”.

For an extra refreshing moment, try a spritz of Reviving White Tea Facial Mist to cool your skin in summer.

2. Nourish and moisturise dry skin

A day by the beach and a good dose of “vitamin sea” can do wonders for our wellbeing, helping us escape our daily lives and leaving us feeling revived and fresh. Unfortunately, the salty sea air, warm sun and rough sand can leave our skin feeling a little on the dry side.

Incorporating our Orange Flower Facial Oil and Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisturiser into your summer holiday skincare routine will help to replenish dry skin’s natural moisture levels, leaving your skin feeling quenched and replenished.

For an extra treat for your whole body, remember to pack our Bee Lovely All Over Balm to instantly relieve any dry or rough patches of skin. It’s particularly good for keeping elbows, feet and knees feeling super soft and smooth.

3. Relieve itchy and irritated skin

With the hot sun, rising humidity, and pollen in the air, it’s no wonder our skin can get a little itchy and irritated in the summer.

If your sensitive skin needs a little extra attention on holiday, remember to pack a bottle of our Sensitive Soothing Cleansing Milk and Sensitive Replenish + Balance Moisturiser. The organic aloe vera in the cleanser will comfort and cool your skin, providing a moisture boost that soothes and refreshes, while the natural botanicals in the moisturiser provide a targeted hydration boost. Your summer skin will be looking and feeling calmer and more comfortable in no time.

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