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PLU A0139
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  • Baby Bath & Shampoo 200ml
    Gently cleanses delicate skin and hair.
    Organic infusions of chamomile and lavender are blended with mild vegetable based cleansers to care for delicate skin.

    • Gently cleansing
    • For delicate skin and hair
    • With calming lavender
    • Suitable for use from 3 months

    Baby Lotion 200ml

    • Soothing and protecting
    • Nourishes delicate skin
    • Light, easily absorbed
    • Safe to use from 3 months

    Baby Balm 50g
    Protects and calms the skin with a combination of gentle, moisturising ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter. Apply as required to dry or chafed areas, ideal for face, body or bottom.
    The oils lubricate the skin, while the beeswax and shea nut butter provide a thin protective layer that keeps normal skin moisture in and nappy moisture out.

    • Protects, calms and soothes
    • Suitable for babys face, body and bottom