Eau de Parfum No.1 Frankincense 50ml

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PLU 2500

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  • Deeply evocative, warming and soothing, this perfume celebrates frankincense - the precious pearl of the desert. Our blend of natural essential oils of plants and flowers, with their inherent aromatherapy benefits, helps to boost your spirits while beautifully scenting your skin.

    Top notes
    Lime, neroli, bergamot and pink pepper
    These give the first impression of a fragrance.

    Middle notes
    Frankincense, lavender and Spanish marjoram
    Often called the heart notes, these make up the main body of the fragrance.

    Base notes
    Patchouli, vetiver, myrrh and balsam copaiba
    These give the fragrance depth and help ground the lighter notes.

    • 100% natural fragrance
    • Spirit lifting
    • Warming and soothing
    • Pure essential oils

    Please note we avoid synthetic fragrances - often hidden under the term ‘Parfum’ or ‘Fragrance’ on ingredients lists, some synthetic fragrances can trigger allergies and asthma. We use 100% pure essential oils to naturally fragrance our beauty products.