Create Your Own Bath Oil 250ml

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PLU 7094

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  • A fragrance-free bath oil that’s Allergy Certified when used on its own and is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. Either use as is or create your own bespoke blend by adding your preferred essential oils to make a unique blend for a beautiful bath.

    Whether it’s a little treat for you or an unexpected surprise for a loved one, this bath oil makes a brilliant personalised gift.

    • AllergyCertified when used on its own
    • For all skin types, including children and sensitive skin types
    • Customise with essential oils, flower remedies or herbal tinctures
    • Moisturising and conditioning


    This product is classed as AllergyCertified, making it a great choice for sensitive skin or for those with skin allergies. It may be used as it is, alternatively you can add your choice of essential oils, tinctures or pure plant oils (that you’re confident you’re not allergic to), making it the perfect base to create your own, bespoke product.