Women's Balance Shower Oil 200ml

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  • Women’s Balance Shower Oil brings together intensely nourishing and cleansing oils with the calming scent of Women’s Balance Aromatherapy Blend to harmonise body and mind. This clinically proven, aromatherapeutic shower oil luxuriously cleanses with macadamia oil to nourish, soften and smooth and omega-rich sea buckthorn oil to condition and hydrate, leaving skin feeling satin-soft, supple and smooth straight from the shower.

    • Luxuriously cleanses
    • Clinically proven to moisturise skin for up to 24 hours
    • Harmonises body and mind
    • With macadamia and sea buckthorn oils
    • Certified COSMOS natural
    • Vegan approved


“This oil was rich and luxurious and made my skin feel soft and pampered. The fragrance was divine and promoted a feeling of calm and wellbeing. I found it particularly lovely before bed, it made me feel relaxed and pampered.”

Belen, age 37, consumer trial participant

“I loved the aroma & how it added to a feeling of wellbeing, it was very calming and relaxing to use. I also loved how it made my skin feel super nourished and healthy while also clean & fresh.”

Lois, age 44, consumer trial participant

“The oil smelled amazing and reminded me of being in a spa. It felt indulgent to use and also helped me feel more at ease and relaxed. It was a joy to use and I could smell the aroma on my skin for many hours after using.”

Donna, age 38, consumer trial participant

“The texture and smell of the shower oil was amazing. It feels so luxurious and indulgent, it was like being on a spa holiday in my shower. So amazing.”

Chloe, age 44, consumer trial participant

“I love the fragrance of this shower oil, it was uplifting and my skin felt and looked amazing.”

Anne, age 45, consumer trial participant

“I liked the hydration it provided for my skin and it really helped to give a close smooth shave, without the need to use moisturiser afterwards.”

Elizabeth, age 44, consumer trial participant